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Updated: Mar 9

How to prepare for your bridal trial with Makeup by Ivett: To our beautiful brides,

We are so excited to meet you soon! :) Here is a guide how to prepare for your upcoming bridal trial appointment: If you have a hair trial appointment:

-The best way to prep your hair for the trial & day of wedding is to have your hair priorly washed before the day of the trial / wedding ( so wash your hair the day or night before, not the morning of day of). Just washed hair can be overly silky & smooth to hold style even when we add product. -Please try to have your hair is pre straightened for the appointment. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy try to blow dry or flat iron it. If you have curly hair & plan on wearing your hair the natural curly texture then you don't have to pre straighten your hair, just come as you are. -If you have any thickening mousse in your hair will really help your hair be a more ideal texture to work with & will help your hair to have the most potential of your desired style. -When looking and bringing inspiration photos - please try to find & show photos of hair that is most like your own hair - length, color, texture, etc. This helps to understand what is realistic style for the hair you have on your head. For example if you have very fine dark hair, please don't look photos with long thick blonde hair styles because it's not a realistic approach to what is actually do able on your hair. -Please understand that most photos that are found online & on Pinterest, the women have extensions in their hair & it is an actually a bridal shoot for these purposes not a real wedding photo of ordinary women with typical hair texture. -If you have extensions you would like to use please bring them to the trial - many times we also recommend purchasing extensions to optimize the look. -Try to bring any & all accessories that you will be using in your hair day of or think you would like to use - such as veils, clips, combs, flowers, headbands, crowns, etc. This will help the stylist figure out if these pieces / accessories are realistic for your desired style. -Come open minded of other hairstyles - sometimes your heart is set on a specific look but it is not actually realistic for your actual hair and the stylist may recommend some other looks that are better suited to your hair. :) If you have a makeup appointment:

Bride makeup application, Bridal makeup artist Washington DC, Virginia, Leesburg, Maryland
Bridal makeup artist Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

-Please wash your face in the morning and do your regular skincare routine. Arrive to the appointment with no makeup. You don't need to bring your own products; we have a full makeup kit to fit for every skin type and skin color. /If you have any allergies and you have specific makeup product(s) that you know works well for you (example mascara or foundation) in that case feel free to bring it to the trial./ -Find 1-2 inspiration photos for the makeup style you like. We recommend checking out our Instagram HERE or search on Pinterest HERE. If you find photos where you like example the eye makeup but not the lip color then just save it, and we go over them and discuss what do you like/don't like from that specific makeup look. -Please be prepared to have a photo of your wedding dress. Not only we love to see your gorgeous dress but it helps us to decide on what makeup/hair would look the best on you. And last but not least: The bridal trial will take approximately 75 minutes for makeup/hair and extra 75 minutes if you have both services. Be prepare that you will be pampered and you will get a chance to get to know your beauty team for your special day. We have beverages and snacks available at the studio for you. If you wish to have your best friend or family member with you during the trial, please let us know in advance. Currently, we allow 1 additional person to come with the bride. Thank you for your understanding. Can't wait to see you soon! -Makeup by Ivett

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